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A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

Posted by Donna Hedley on

by Evelyn Hedley

May has always been a special month for me. Spring is in full swing with trees blossoming and flowers blooming. Also, here in Canada, May is when we celebrate Mother’s Day. 

May is also when my son was born. It is in that precious moment that I began to truly understand about Mothers. 

Yes, I know what you are thinking. “What about birthdays and Christmas,” you say.  While it’s true that these times of family celebration are indeed wonderful, Mother’s Day is special because it is important to take the time to honour and remember our Moms.

I remember that my mother would make fantastic costumes for me at Halloween. I appreciate all the time she spent teaching me how to sew and make pastry, and how, when playing board games, we would laugh so much it brought tears to my eyes.  Most of all, I am grateful for the feeling of being loved and supported, even into my adulthood. 

Mom is gone now. No more phone calls to chat about everything and nothing. No more letters   of encouragement.  I do miss her very much and I find myself still wanting to talk to her about something or another. 

Take the time to send a card, make a phone call, tell her what she means to you.  If that is not possible, spend some quiet time and remember the good times you  both had.

To all the Mothers out there, enjoy your day -  you deserve it!

We invite you to use the comment section to celebrate your mother by sharing your story. 

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  • I remember spending a week in the summer at Auntie Ev’s and Uncle John’s. Uncle John would take Richard on the milk route with him and Auntie and I would make donuts! We always had fun.

    Carol Holmes on

  • Your mother and mine were good friends as well as sisters in law. I will never forget that she always made me so welcome when I was in Toronto. She taught me to make bread! We had some great times together – memories I will always treasure.

    Anne on

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