Ode to Glory

Ode to Glory

by Evelyn Hedley

I want to start off by thanking the people in my life that have been instrumental in the development of my artistic growth. Two such people are my friends, Marianne and Sheila, both who are accomplished artists themselves. They encouraged me to take a painting class with local Sorrento artist Sherry and   I haven’t looked back since. Even though I had never considered myself to have any such talent, when I started to paint, I was surprised at how comfortable I was with brush and canvas.  

My first challenge was to figure out what to paint! While searching through my photos, I looked at images of people, trees and rocks, all of which I discarded. Then, I came across a picture of my sunflowers! That was it,  I had found it.  These sunflowers were in the backyard of the house in Victoria, BC that I shared with Christina Nilsson -- who incidentally is one of our featured artists (check out her gallery here).

Now I had my subject, so what was I going to call it. My first thought was to name the painting Joy, just for the pure joy of creating it.  However, sunflowers are glorious, so Glory seemed to say it all.  I have a Glory pillow that brightens up my room and welcomes me in the morning, whatever season. 

Unfortunately, my mother, a painter in her own right, never did see any of my canvases, as she passed away shortly before I started painting.  I am sure she would have been my greatest critic and supporter.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who nudged me forward and showed me that, YES, I CAN!

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