About Us

The idea for Sassy Sunflower Marketplace, an exciting online Art Gallery showcasing Canadian Art and Artists, came from conversations between two sisters -- one a techie and the other an artist -- about the impact Covid19 has had on artists across Canada, many who may have lost their income.

We are the Hedley Sisters, Evelyn and Donna, and we welcome you to our adventure in art. We believe that having art in our lives helps us to better appreciate ourselves as a community as it enriches us culturally. The delight we feel when we appreciate art enhances our well being and uplifts the soul. A painting on the wall, a pillow on the couch, a cheerful note sent to a friend can bring such joy to our everyday experience.

Our goal, here at Sassy Sunflower Marketplace, is to give Canadian artists a global platform and exposure, as well as an opportunity of creating an income. We’ve partnered with several talented Canadian artists to promote their work through the sale of our products because, simply put, we like their stuff. Each artist receives a portion of the sales for the use of their work while keeping ownership and copyright.

Our story . . .

We come from a long line of artists that can be traced back as far as our great-grandfather, James Dunn, who as a painter during the 1800s, supported his family with his amazing paintings. Our mother and Aunt Kay were painters, Aunt Lilie was a singer, our sister Kathleen worked with paints, ceramics and batics.

Evelyn . . .

Growing up in an artist family, I never really thought that I had any special talent. My mom, my aunts, my sisters were all so talented. It wasn’t until I started painting for myself that I began to appreciate art and its many facets. I finally gave myself a chance to explore this and found that I actually have a talent.

During these unprecedented times, it has really hit home how important my painting is to my mental health. When I paint, I lose myself and the world melts away. It is indescribable the great feeling of satisfaction that I feel when I finish a new piece, step back and say, “I did that!”

Donna . . .

I used to think that art was not important. I couldn’t understand why people would make such a fuse. But one day I was walking down a hall lined with all sorts of paintings. I saw one that was a bunch of chickens. It was huge. All these very strange chickens were looking right at me with big chickeny eyes. I don’t know what it was about that painting, aside from chickens, but I fell in love with it. I would have really liked to have it on my wall. I could picture myself walking into the room everyday, looking up at the painting and simply enjoying it.

That is when, at least for me, I understood the power of art. It gives such a sense of pleasure, of satisfaction, of living. Now, I find myself going through galleries and art displays, and asking myself, is that something I would enjoy having in my life.

Welcome to Sassy Sunflower Marketplace. From art cards to tote bags, we offer an extensive range of original and unique products. Take a at all of our beautiful art that goes on our beautiful things and get to know the artists as well.

Evelyn and Donna