Fun Facts about Seals

The month of July, 2021 featured the painting The Flirtatious Seal by Christina Nilsson. Join in and test your knowledge about Harbour Seals (Common Seals).

Read Christina's blog about the Flirtatious Seal Collection by featured artist Christina Nilsson.

Question 1: Harbour Seals only live in the ocean.

  1. True
  2. False

False – Harbour Seals also found in fresh-water rivers and lakes.

Question 2: Harbour Seals fall prey to?

  1. Orcas/Sharks
  2. Sea Lions/Octopuses
  3. Orcas/Whales

a) Orcas and Sharks – on land they fall prey to wolves and bears.

Question 3: What are baby seals called?

  1. Kittens
  2. Pups
  3. Squirts

b) Pups – Males are called Bulls. Females are called Cows.

Question 4: What is group of Harbour Seals called?

  1. Knot
  2. Herd
  3. Drove

b) Herd – Other names Pod, Harem, Rookery.

Question 5: What common ancestor do Harbour Seals share?

  1. Lions
  2. Whales
  3. Bears

c) Bears, also raccoons and skunks.



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