Fun Facts About Sunflowers

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The sunflower is one of the most loved flowers worldwide. Test your knowledge on this magnificent plant.

Question 1: What part of the sunflower is considered their ‘fruit’?

  1. Fibrous stock
  2. Seeds
  3. Yellow Pedals

b) Seeds, they can be eaten and crushed to make cooking oil.

Question 2: About how many species of sunflowers are there?

  1. 25
  2. 70
  3. 45

b) 70. Species range from Dwarf to Mammoth.

Question 3: Sunflowers are native to what part of the world?

  1. South Pacific
  2. The Americas
  3. Europe

b) The Americas. That includes South, Central and North America.

Question 4: What is the tallest recorded sunflower?

  1. 13.2 meters (43.2 ft)
  2. 9.17 meters (30.1 ft)
  3. 7.8 meters (25.3 meters)

b) 9.17 meters (30.1 ft). It was found in Karst, Germany, according to The Guiness World Records in August 28, 2014.

Question 5: Sunflowers were introduced to Europe in what century?

  1. 16th Century
  2. 10th Century
  3. 15th Century

a) 16th Century. The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower and the world's largest producers of sunflower seeds.



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