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Strategies For Happiness: How to Achieve Your Happiness Potential

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Happiness Potential is the opportunity that anyone has to make the choices that bring about the best possible quality of life.

Strategies for Happiness is a practical hands on guide packed with ideas to help anyone achieve their own happiness potential. Strategies for Happiness will help individuals to become aware of some of the best options available to lead a delicious life.

Everyone has the opportunity and the responsibility to choose happiness. It can be as simple as saying yes to Joy. Happiness is energy. When you are in a state of happiness, you are energized, motivated to create, move, and develop. Happiness is purpose. Those who are truly happy know their lives count for something. They are creating their world, achieving their dreams. Happiness is freedom, a mindset free from fear, self-pity and negative thinking.

The Strategies include such concepts as Gratitude; Forgiveness; Pursuing your passion; Giving yourself permission; Focusing on what you want; Radical Humility, Choosing Courage; Creating meaning; Being Self-Centred; Purging self-pity, and so much more. In a style that is both whimsical and personal, Donna shares with you common sense wisdom and insight through experiences that anyone can easily identify with.